The Resurrectionist

“Yes, I can bring your wife back from the dead,” I told the farmer, who had reasonable doubts about my abilities. “Just realize that it might not be what she wants.”

Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show
Issue 58, August 2017


We Have Discerned a Potential Deal

On his way back from Aldebaran, a particular salesman stopped by the Vatican. “I’d like to buy it,” he said.

Issue 1, April 2018

The Blue Widow

It was good tea, all things considered, and I really did admire his efforts at being a good host—but the fact was, I was there to kill him. This was, unfortunately, something of a trend in the profession.

2017 Baen Fantasy Adventure Contest Grand Prize Winner


Tenure Track

“We’re concerned that you’re not human enough,” I was told, which was something of a surprise, considering that I was the only human in the room.

Galaxy’s Edge
Issue 27, July 2017